Tuesday, January 25, 2011

10DOM: Last Night

When are we going to get there?

Well the map says...

Dude your map says we're fucked. We been driving around looking for this place for hours. My man is getting married in the morning and this is the shittiest bachelor party ever

The guy at work said...

Fuck him, let's find a place and get fucking drunk, maybe even laid if the chicks out here ain't too ugly.

A few beers will fix that.

I don't know guys, jenny might not...

Shut the hell up. Tomorrow she can tell you what to do, tonight is the last night of your life. Last chance to...

Hey, I see a place up here on the right...

Well alright, looks like we are in business boys.

She watches the last few chaotic moments in the car, before they arrived at the bar, as she writhes on top of him. Their words flow together laced with the excitement and trepidation and she runs her tongue across her lips savoring every drop. Fingernails tear lines in his chest through his shirt, as his hardness grinds into her. He does not touch her though. He is not allowed to touch.

Eyes closed he moans and she savors the moment he looked back before disappearing through the door into the smoke filled bar, as if he knew something was not right about the place. Bass and bright lights, the promise of fantasies fulfilled and the rough hands of his friends pull him in though, as the door slowly closed.

Pressing into him, his future bride crosses his mind with a gasp. She grabs it and unspools the night he asked her to marry him. How sweet to see him on his knees, cold concrete biting, heart beating its way out his chest until she says yes. He is still nervous, tomorrow is the big day and he wants it to be perfect. He is worried she might find out about tonight, the last night with the boys. He has never been with another, much less had a lap dance.

Sliding off him she lowers to tease him in mock fellatio, extending his painful pleasure. He is shaking, his memories swirl in colorful mist before her minds eye as she takes more and more. Hopes and dreams float like confetti as he lets loose and screams in Ecstasy, thrusting, quivering,  releasing everything he tried to hold back.

She allows him a minute, an eternity in his mind as she bows between his legs. Long hair drapes her face, she peeks between tresses with doe eyes, his breath catches in his chest. Slithering up his body she stops lips to lips, only separated by centimeters. Their eyes lock and she knows she has stolen what he can never get back.

"Hey lover," she is playful in the tender afterglow.

"Hey," he stammers.

Tracing a finger along his cheek, she pouts her lips, "Want some more?"

His words are unintelligible thoughts conjured behind empty eyes. Nuzzling his neck, he shivers against her, never feeling her teeth tear his throat in final consummation.

10DOM: The Map Says We're Fucked