Tuesday, May 10, 2011

10DOM: all that is left

she was the bubble bath
i soaked in, suds tickling
nose, immersion ---
tension til that same sooth-
ing warmth grew cold
in careless complacence
gurgling slowly
through the small steel grate
sucking for that last bit
of air---

leaving only
a ring, around the tub,
and ten wrinkled toes.


10DOM: End of the Trident

Neptune's revenge is a punch
to the chest of the populace,
water walls washing homes,
rended by man's hands,
to rubble, bleaching bones
to the marrow, bloating bodies
en-brined in Davy Jones tombs,
nibble food for the fishes
yet still
we stand defiant

resolute and futile on the shore
throwing middle fingers to he and
his consort, Mother Nature,
as if they give a fuck
what we think, waste pouring
down the sink, tossing trash on her ass
shitting our nest, leaving his kingdom
oil slick in our masturbation
of consumption, hands on the neck,
lolling eyes dolphins, as we choke
out the offspring of their

just what would you do
if they came for you babies,
bellies churning with wanton
desire, and you still wonder
why these natural disasters

if revenge is best served cold
then in what better place can be
found than fathoms shadows
in the deepest pit where Neptune sits
on coral throne watching, waiting to wipe
away nature's mother fucker rapists
on the end of his well honed trident