Sunday, February 13, 2011

10DOM-ROM: Chapter 4 - En Plein Air


In the beginning, we nestle


& the distance between us is
measured in eons, ever in-

into existence

en plein air
in sane heir

in the jungle, the mighty jungle
the lion...the lying...sleeps tonight

Chapter 4 - for 10DOM's River.

10DOM-ROM: Chapter 3 - Fucking Origami


room sits & spins, awake again
down the bed i see, four feet in
front of me, two mine, two...God,
peaking from beneath the sheet &
though she feigns sleep, i know

she She sees, it's her reality, space
time folded, fucking origami, the
beginning & ending & she found
the end of me---

did she say we had a kid?

unspooling once more, chaotic
tangled skein & already i feel her
fingers reweaving me, laughing
at revelation, creating new heavens

damn, my nose still hurts...

dropped stitch, unwinding, i think
eye Am gggoinnnggg crazee, what
is slap hap-pen-ing 2 mE?

Yeah if you haven't figured it out yet, this is for the River over at 10DOM.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

10DOM - ROM: Chapter 2 - Reluctant Titans

~2 ~

mother dearest named me
Ozymandias, but i go by Oz
though, cavorting with wizards 
& flying monkeys but never
found the yellow brick road

until i met God in a cafeteria
where you choose among
infinite flavors, but they
serve only tongue wafers
and wipe the lip of the cup
after each sip & chose her
as much as she chose me

reluctant titans, we wrestled
the breadth of heavens, each blow
a knife thrust deep, cleaving
fields, planting wormwood seed,
etching love in nail tracks on
taut canvas backs, cat o nine,
tails and tongues, until end of
days come.

"do you ever still think of me?"

"only on days when i breathe."

"we have a son."

This is Chapter 2 in the River of memnosyne challenge at 10DOM

Friday, February 4, 2011

10DOM-ROM: Chapter One - Deep Sleep, Deep Space, Deep Shit

~ 1 ~

God was a cigarette i smoked to
the filter, then whipped out my pistol
and killed her. her corpse lips stiffened
in a knowing smile, like i'd be back
when the shit got deep enough, but
space wasn't big enough for the two
of us.

my trust in others is a french kiss
from an Amsterdam whore, there for
the moment, gone in the morning, leaving
you with an itch you'll be scratching
until you get penicillin.

i sit alone in the blue neon haze
kicking back nature's private stock,
sleep walking through short attention
span conversations with the bartender,
as my nose numbs with each bend of
the elbow.

"hey Oz, how you been," she says,
her legs whisper as she slides onto
the neighboring stool, sending men
running like pool balls at the break,
leaving the place empty.

"hey God, how'd you find me,"our
running joke, but she's not laughing.

Ok, so maybe this is the first chapter of the River of Memnemosyne challenge over at 10DOM.

10DOM-ROM: Chapter Zero - Shit Beaten Hero

~ 0 ~

yesterdays news caroms down
broken sidewalk paths in the arms
of a neck breaking breeze drive-
by snatching at my shoes as i plod
toward the moon skipping wishes
like bare naked trees falling in
tense woods with no one around &
i think of her in the moment i trip,
slip and hamburger my nose with
concrete kiss, huff, spit red rivers,
running into cracks. yeah life---
that's where it's at---shit

This is the first chapter of the River of Mnemosyne challenge over at 10DOM.