Sunday, February 6, 2011

10DOM - ROM: Chapter 2 - Reluctant Titans

~2 ~

mother dearest named me
Ozymandias, but i go by Oz
though, cavorting with wizards 
& flying monkeys but never
found the yellow brick road

until i met God in a cafeteria
where you choose among
infinite flavors, but they
serve only tongue wafers
and wipe the lip of the cup
after each sip & chose her
as much as she chose me

reluctant titans, we wrestled
the breadth of heavens, each blow
a knife thrust deep, cleaving
fields, planting wormwood seed,
etching love in nail tracks on
taut canvas backs, cat o nine,
tails and tongues, until end of
days come.

"do you ever still think of me?"

"only on days when i breathe."

"we have a son."

This is Chapter 2 in the River of memnosyne challenge at 10DOM


  1. Hmm different perspective on God I guess.

  2. Loving this! You do allegomethapor so well! That should be a word.

  3. liked those lines:

    Do you ever think of me?
    Only on days when I breathe?

    Mmmm hmmm. Very Nice.

  4. Ooops why did I add the ? mark? Too many hours of reading today!

  5. I love trying to work out the important parts... the parts to keep in mind. -J