Friday, February 4, 2011

10DOM-ROM: Chapter One - Deep Sleep, Deep Space, Deep Shit

~ 1 ~

God was a cigarette i smoked to
the filter, then whipped out my pistol
and killed her. her corpse lips stiffened
in a knowing smile, like i'd be back
when the shit got deep enough, but
space wasn't big enough for the two
of us.

my trust in others is a french kiss
from an Amsterdam whore, there for
the moment, gone in the morning, leaving
you with an itch you'll be scratching
until you get penicillin.

i sit alone in the blue neon haze
kicking back nature's private stock,
sleep walking through short attention
span conversations with the bartender,
as my nose numbs with each bend of
the elbow.

"hey Oz, how you been," she says,
her legs whisper as she slides onto
the neighboring stool, sending men
running like pool balls at the break,
leaving the place empty.

"hey God, how'd you find me,"our
running joke, but she's not laughing.

Ok, so maybe this is the first chapter of the River of Memnemosyne challenge over at 10DOM.


  1. I'm liking this. Love your similes. Oz and God in the same bar? Awesome.

  2. I knew God was a cigarette! At last someone admits it ;). LOVED this piece, Brian.

  3. I admit, I'm very disappointed you didn't try lengthy prose. I'm still convinced that's a weakness.

    That stated, if you can keep this story-via-poetry going, I have a feeling it's gonna rock.

  4. How to describe clearing a room ... sending men running like pool balls at the break, ...
    oh boy, let me hear more like that!!! You genius, you. -J