Friday, February 4, 2011

10DOM-ROM: Chapter Zero - Shit Beaten Hero

~ 0 ~

yesterdays news caroms down
broken sidewalk paths in the arms
of a neck breaking breeze drive-
by snatching at my shoes as i plod
toward the moon skipping wishes
like bare naked trees falling in
tense woods with no one around &
i think of her in the moment i trip,
slip and hamburger my nose with
concrete kiss, huff, spit red rivers,
running into cracks. yeah life---
that's where it's at---shit

This is the first chapter of the River of Mnemosyne challenge over at 10DOM.


  1. Ooh the first poem . . .let's see where this goes.

  2. Nice! Never really considered doing a poem for this...very brave of you, my friend. But then again, you speak poetry much like a virtuoso speaks his instrument. Excited to see where this goes. "hamburger my nose" is my favorite line.

  3. jaunty, sort of beat.
    yeah, i did verse last year and had fun with it--the muses will mess

  4. Hamburger my nose :). VIVID! Very vivid!

  5. Epic poetry?

    Ballsy. But I like its tone.