Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rex rgis Ir

the mad king Ir
mad i say, as fleas
in the cochlea, stares
disturbed at the toy he once
played, as a golden boy

fingers map its pitted
surface, barnacle rough
mountain ranges, turns it

what the fuck he says in quatrain
four times over, cycling soft tissue
membrane, times square ticker
tape digital red glow scape

worn aged postage handed over
to postal workers, barbed
wire stripped fingered post hole
diggers string prose post
edit earning obscure
Grecian names on the deathbeds
of ten female offspring

red rum, Merlot

between hell and breakfast
nestles a sweet spot, write
anyways, cackles the mad king Ir
releasing the toy, rolling, throne
to corner chamber pot,
a lone sun beam highlights
sigils of his fingerprints
along its skin.

dipping his pen in open
sores, he begins...



  1. Ooh lots of familiar references here. Write anyway indeed. I think I know this guy.

  2. hehe...figure everyone else has written about him at some point (and a couple won) so might as well...snickers

  3. Heh. Iz so pawpoolur.

    Now write a prose entry! ;)

  4. Clever, Brian. I think I know that guy too.

  5. ack-so visceral.
    visceral versing, excellent

  6. The timing, the props.
    Just finishing up tech week with One Spare Flea. So this has another resonance for me.