Friday, January 6, 2012

The animal inside

Part the curtain with a potato peeler
& behind my caged ribs cries---

The dog bit, that won't heel nor heal,
he'll prowl shadows, byways & lanes
unleashed & rabidly refusing
as he guards his den

The monkey that sees but won't do, yet
seizes & sieges in-equalities, from the sentry
position in the trees, armed with shit
to throw at those that deserve it

The mad black crow on the power line
out your window--ka-caw, ka-caw
while you try to sleep, toss, turn & repeat
rest-less-ly, so you won't forget

A starfish found among sea shells, held
then thrown back dis-membered, arm-less
by care-less, but they'll grow back mother
fucker so remember---

I run with the wolf pack, regardless the cycled moon
the lion & lamb copulating in Canaan
oh yeah there is some Gehenna hound in that one

an amalgamation of animal kingdom and the eternal
ampersand, fiercest of all animals


and yet
humble enough to lick clean the feet
of my woman.

For Fireblossom Friday.


  1. I do like the thought of being an eternal ampersand! lol

  2. I love the power, intensity and plays within this. It has the fun darkness about it.

  3. Potent and emotional... great ending.

  4. Great word play in this one! Not exactly sure what an eternal ampersand is, but I like the idea! Very powerful writing!

  5. Nature's cruel what can I say about hitting 10thDoM. Prose it could work for this week's theme.

  6. I like the dark quality of this write, and the surprisingly beautiful ending!

  7. dang - powerful write... esp. the last stanza and then the gorgeous ending.. with licking her feet.. the play on canaan, strong - but..
    ...going to hide the potato peeler now...just in case...smiles

  8. Excellent, down to the bone with it, every image clean and cutting, and each animal comparison is tighter than the last--I like the dog and the starfish especially--fine writing.

  9. Never underestimate the effectiveness of flinging poo. Or of humility, when warranted, too. Thanks for being part of FF!

  10. Wow. This creation is loaded with such potent imagery.

  11. This is gripping. The crow image of disturbing and endlessly reminding stuck with me and the eternal ampersand...I so get that. Great line. For realz (I don't ever say 'realz' in real life, but it's late, lol).

  12. I'm with Jinksy. The ampersand on my keyboard is virtually out of control.

  13. How could I missed this ? *Smiles* I didn't recognize the X, that is why.

    I like the sheer ferocity of your words, mad dashing,... then the soft ending. A great contrast of emotions...whew *smiles*

  14. Egad! Pure Hell if I ever saw Hell - your claw, the woman running, and the big ogre following her, except there's eternal blackness on the land. No #@!! thanx, bro. I don't want no part of that sinister anathema. Forever. So should you. Meet me Upstairs, dude, where we'll an eternal BIG-ol, kick-ass, party-hardy to die for. See ya soon.